The tradition of the viticulture derives for Graziano Zucchetto from three generations, in fact, his grandfather and, later his father, have transmitted to him the noble value of the human work and the importance to know how to cultivate the rich and fortunate land of the Lison-Pramaggiore.
The Courage, the Entrepreneurial Character and a bit of Wise Madness are the ingredients that, opportunely dosed, have allowed to Graziano Zucchetto to widen, as years go by, the wine production, that now, has become a Farm and that trades to a national level and not only.

With no hesitation, Graziano has, progressively, increased his own DOC production areas, buying the test locateti lands of the zone.

Compared to the past, what makes the differenze, is that the objectives of his Farm are direct to the quality and the complete satisfaction of the Customer, the production is strictly controlled and the technique of the thinning out allows only to the little and full-bodied bunches to reach the complete maturation and to face the vinification.

Graziano Zucchetto can face, having nothing to fear, the strict market of wine, thanks also to an annual production of 50.000 bottles, and he assures that the future of his Activity is in increase.

The confidence that the grandfather has demonstrated to Graziano Zucchetto during his first approaches to the cultivation of the land, has been rewarded from Graziano in the 2001 and 2002 with the production of "Il Moro ", a red barricapt that conserves the freshness of the Cabernet wine and a completeness of tastes, reached through the silent sharpening into 2 years of French barrique. 

Mese procedures keep a long vinification and, also, a professional increase of the Producer, a procedure that demonstrates that it''s important to have patience without want to force the nature. In fact the nature itself renders then the fruits, and the Graziano ''s wines demonstrate it. So there is nothing left for us but to taste the results.